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Astm Standards

Improving Safety, Quality and Competitiveness Across the Globe

ASTM International is one of the world’s most respected technical publishers of standards, technical papers and related information. Applied to just about everything from petroleum and steel to cement and sustainability, ASTM standards help companies improve quality and competitiveness while improving the lives of millions around the world every day.

Through ASTM Compass®, you get online access to the most up-to-date standards as well as powerful workflow tools to help your organization work smarter. In addition, ASTM provides training, proficiency testing and certification programs to help improve your competitiveness.

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Helping You Work Smarter

ASTM Compass®

Get instant access to standards, testing, learning, and more.

Learning Programs

In-person and online courses to advance your skills to the next level.

Proficiency Testing

Evaluate and improve
your lab’s capabilities.

Streamline Your Systems

Save time and resources. Generate new revenue.

Integrated Services

ASTM’s products and services help you work smarter in a globally connected world. Our advanced solutions give you direct access to tools and workflow solutions to increase efficiency: saving you both time and money.

These tools include online products like:

  • ASTM Compass® — providing all the ASTM standards, books, and journals you need.
  • ASTM SpecBuilder — enabling you to develop your own internal standards, standard operating procedures and specifications using our advanced online collaboration and balloting system.
  • Custom Platforms – Deliver your content using the ASTM Compass® platform and expand your customer base.

We’ll also provide you consulting services through subject matter experts who can help you strategize and build your business.

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Get Assistance through the ASTM
MOU Program

The ASTM Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Program helps established and developing nations participate in the standards development process and broaden the acceptance and use of ASTM standards.

In the Latin American region, we have MOUs in place with:

Peru — The National Institute for Quality (INACAL, formerly INDECOPI)
Bolivia — Intituo de Normalization y Calidad (IBNORCA)
Columbia — Instituto Colombiano de Normas Technicas y Certificacion (ICONTEC)

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