ASTM International makes it easy and cost effective to incorporate standards in your teaching curriculum.

As you educate and guide your students toward a promising future, enhance their skills and knowledge even more through standards education. ASTM offers a wide range of tools designed to assist you in teaching your students about standards. We encourage you to explore this site and utilize the many resources that will expose your students to the dynamic field of standardization.

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Standards in Education

While ASTM is best known for its standards, the Digital Library is a collection of nearly every other ASTM publication – 1,500+ eBooks and 60,000+ papers and chapters, dating back to 1932. These are seminal reference publications that provide:

For Librarians

For Students

For Professors

Three main collections of publications make up the books, journals, and papers of the Digital Library.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings/ STPs (Special Technical Publications).

Each year, hundreds of technical experts present and publish papers reflecting their research and insight on the need for new standards. These papers undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure scholarly content and technical accuracy.


Journals Library.

16,800 peer-reviewed papers are available from ASTM’s world-renowned journals including: Geotechnical Testing Journal, Journal of Testing and Evaluation; Advances in Civil Engineering Materials; Materials Performance and Characterization; Journal of ASTM International Backfile 2004-2014; Journal of Forensic Sciences Backfile 1972-2005, Journal of Cement, Concrete, and Aggregates Backfile 1979-2004; and the Journal of Composites and Technology and Research Backfile 1978-2003.

Manuals, Monographs, and Data Series Library.

These include best-selling titles such as: Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing; User’s Guide to ASTM Specification C94 on Ready-Mixed Concrete; and Fracture and Fatigue Control in Structures: Applications of Fracture Mechanics: 3rd Edition.


For Students

As a student member, you’ll create personal contacts with the world’s strongest network of technical experts and business leaders. Take advantage of this front-row seat to the standardization process and enhance your knowledge of standards. Your ASTM student membership will play an invaluable role in strengthening your skills and jump-starting your career.

  • Compete for awards, scholarships, grants, and internships
  • Attend ASTM symposia for free to learn about the latest research and meet technical experts and business leaders in your field
  • Earn recognition through student research paper competitions (and open doors to getting published)
  • Receive monthly ASTM eNews right to your email and online access to Standardization News (bimonthly magazine)
  • Automatically qualify for a reduced professional membership fee your first year after graduation

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Project Grants

ASTM International is now offering a limited number of $500 grants to university students to help with student design projects that contain an ASTM International standards component. * ASTM International will post the results as a student standards application paper on the ASTM website. ABET Engineering Accreditation Requirements require the incorporation of engineering standards: “Students must be prepared for engineering practice through a curriculum culminating in a major design experience based on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work and incorporating appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints.”