ASTM Laboratory Testing Programs

ASTM Laboratory Programs

ASTM Proficiency Testing Programs are statistical quality assurance programs that enable laboratories to evaluate and improve performance, and maintain and fulfill mandatory accreditation requirements.

Maintain Accreditation and Demonstrate Your Lab’s Testing Capabilities to Customers Worldwide. Accreditation benefits include:

  • Thousands of Global Participating Labs
  • 50+ ISO 17043 Accredited Proficiency Testing Programs
  • 24/7 User Portal
  • Convenient and Cost-Effective
  • Programs Created by Standards Experts
  • Petroleum, Plastics, Metals, Additive Manufacturing, Textiles, Cement and Concrete

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International Laboratory Testing Programs

ASTM International Proficiency Testing Center is pleased to offer a number of Proficiency Testing Program for laboratories who need a statistical quality assurance tool that will enable them to improve, and maintain a high level of performance in conducting routine tests by comparing their results with other laboratories worldwide doing the same testing.

ASTM’s Proficiency Test Program provides you with:

  • A useful and meaningful statistical quality assurance tool to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your laboratory’s performance in conducting testing.
  • The resource you need to satisfy proficiency testing elements of laboratory accreditation.
  • A periodic comparison of test results with other participating laboratories.

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Material Testing Laboratory Programs

For some laboratories, accessing standards and knowing how to use them is enough to move ahead of their competition and reach the top of their industry. But for others, accreditation and proving proficiency is the ultimate method of achieving a competitive advantage.

The ASTM Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) has helped thousands of laboratories evaluate, improve, and document their proficiency – providing clients and laboratory accreditation bodies alike with concrete evidence of a laboratory’s skill level.

This valuable program makes it easier for laboratories around the world to maintain their accreditation and validate the accuracy of their testing procedures and results.

With the ASTM PTP program, lab managers can achieve more accurate testing and analysis, significantly improve their overall performance, and gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Join the ASTM PTP today to experience growth and success in the lab testing field!

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How it Works:

1. Participants receive samples for each test cycle, electronic data submission forms, and test instructions.

2. Labs perform the tests normally conducted within their facility using the specified test methods cited in the program.

3. Upon completing the tests, each lab electronically submits test data to ASTM for use in statistical summary reports. These reports are accessible 24/7 on our web portal.

4. Final summary reports, provided in electronic format, contain:

  • Each participating laboratory’s confidential test results
  • Statistical analysis of the test data
  • Charts and graphs plotting test results versus other laboratories

ASTM Laboratory Testing Programs


  • Crude oil
  • AdBlue (Urea AUS32)
  • Base Oil
  • General Oils (vacuum gas oil, Coker oil or atmospheric gas oil)
  • Petroleum wax
  • Turbine oil

Liquid Petroleum Fuels

  • Diesel No. 2
  • Cetane
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Fuel Oil No. 6
  • Aviation Fuel A1 (Turbo)
  • Aviation Fuel (Military 24)
  • Biodiesel B100
  • Biodiesel Blend (B6-B20)
  • Ethanol
  • Motor gasoline
  • Naphtha
  • Octane rating
  • Reformulated Gasoline

Petroleum Gases

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG)

Petroleum Lubricants

  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Automotive lubricant additives
  • Engine coolants
  • Engine oil lubricants
  • Gear oil
  • Hydraulic fluids/oils
  • Industrial gear oil
  • In-Service Diesel Oil Monitoring
  • Hydraulic fluids/oils in service monitoring
  • Lubricating grease


  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Purified terephthalic acid

Electrical Insulating Fluids

  • Insulating fluid quality
  • Analysis of dissolved gases

Plastic Polymers

  • Polyethylene plastics
  • Mechanical testing of multiplastics
  • Characterization of polypropylene
  • Flammability of plastics
  • Thermal analysis of plastics
  • Elemental analysis of thermoplastics
  • Plastic tape testing


  • Mechanical testing of metals
  • Chemical analysis of plain carbon and low alloy steel
  • Chemical analysis of stainless steel
  • Chemical analysis of aluminum
  • Determination of gold bullion


  • Woven Fabrics
  • Yarn and fiber performance testing
  • Knitted fabrics

Concrete and Cement

  • Mixed cement
  • Concrete / concrete
  • Concrete masonry units
  • Masonry cement
  • Masonry mortar
  • Portland cement
  • Pozzolan
  • Steel reinforcing bars
  • Potential alkaline reactivity of aggregates

Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

  • Additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy.


  • Hemp flower


  • Transportable Moisture Limit of Coal

Frequently Asked Questions on the ASTM Lab Proficiency Program

What is the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program?

ASTM Proficiency Testing (PTP) programs are statistical quality assurance programs that enable laboratories to assess their performance in the use of ASTM test methods with other laboratories worldwide.

Can I still participate if I am only going to test and submit results for a few of ASTM Methods listed in the scope of the program? Will the participation fee remain the same?

Participation in any PTP is not contingent upon performing all program tests. The participation fee will remain the same no matter how many tests you perform or do not perform.

Do I have to be a member of ASTM?

No. Participation is open to all laboratories from around the world.

Can I receive a discount if I am a member of ASTM?

No. We do not offer discounts for PTP participation if you are a member of ASTM.

Does ASTM honor confidentiality arrangements?

Yes, submit to with request.

I have multiple labs to register. How should I handle the registration?

If you have more than one lab to register, you must fill out separate registration forms for each participating location. This is necessary in order to document shipping information for each participating facility.

I want to register for a program, but it looks as if I missed the first test cycle. Can I still sign up?

Yes. You can still register for a program if you have missed the first test cycle. Please follow the instructions on the online registration form.

What is ASTM International’s shipping policy?

The program participation fee includes the shipment of the sample material to all participating labs in the United States. The participation fee for the programs listed below also include the shipment of samples to all labs outside the United States. All other products for laboratories outside the United States require the lab to provide a freight forwarder or courier information.

  • Determination of Gold in Bullion
  • Multiplastics (ASTM and ISO)
  • Polyethylene
  • Thermal Analysis of Plastics
  • Elemental Analysis of Thermoplastics

The system is telling me the product I am selecting may be hazardous – what does this mean?

Some couriers will not ship hazardous materials (HAZMAT). Be sure that the freight forwarder or courier that you use will deliver hazardous materials to your location. The following products may be and/or are hazardous:

  • #2 Diesel Fuel
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Aviation Turbine Jet Fuel
  • Crude Oil
  • Fuel Ethanol
  • General Gas Oils
  • Motor Gasoline
  • Octane
  • Reformulated Gasoline
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel