Keys to Accessing and Using ASTM Standards

ASTM standards help build infrastructure for competitive and safe, local industries and are incorporated into contracts, codes, laws, and regulations around the world.

From translations of standards to assistance with adopting documents nationally, our established structure and programs help you access the standards and the guidance you need to apply them effectively.

What is ASTM ?
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Spanish Petroleum Standards Collection

One year of online access to fifty of the most commonly used laboratory test methods in Spanish! ASTM International Committee D02 on Petroleum Products, Fuels, and Lubricants has developed the most respected standards in the world. Today, D02 is the largest ASTM International committee with more than 2,400 members from around 70 countries.

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Translated Content to Meet Your Needs

ASTM offers over 315 ASTM standards that have been translated into Spanish. These standards cover petroleum, metals, concrete, and construction.

We also provide a translated taxonomy, through ASTM Compass, and other features to help you more quickly and efficiently find and use the content you need.

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30,000 worldwide experts participate on ASTMs 140+ committees. These volunteers include manufacturers and consumers, as well as representatives from government or academia. Any interested individual can participate on a Technical Committee.

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